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The idea of a training voucher was born when I wanted somehow to make training providers and employees looking for individual training to meet. I believe that employees themselves know best what kind of training they need to develop their competence in their current position as well as with regard to their future career. It is also in the interests of the employer that employees maintain their professional competence and motivation with training. Therefore, I see training to be an excellent employee benefit.

At the same time, I wanted to find a positive solution to the employer’s statutory obligation to provide training (Finnish Employment Contracts Act TSL 7:3) from everyone’s point of view. The employees benefit by being able to choose training that supports their re-employment, while the employer has an easy and effective way to fulfill his obligation to provide training. With these objectives in mind, I founded Adinum Inc. whose principal product is Training Voucher.

My background with national trade unions has made me notice how strong influence professional skills, know-how and training have on one’s career. This was an important observation that contributed to establishing Training Voucher. Maintaining your competence is the best job security and it also improves motivation, which is an important factor of work well-being. When the employees are happy, it shows to the customers and improves the company’s productivity.

Training Vouchers can be a huge asset for the employees that were made redundant and are now searching for a new job. The vouchers can, for example, pay for training that helps the employee to achieve competences needed in a new job, which lowers the hiring costs for the new employer.

In practice, I decided to have electronic Training Vouchers that are handled via an online service. This is also reflected in the range of our training partners who offer, not just traditional training requiring physical presence, but also webinar-style training. In the best case, you don’t need to go to the training location but you can attend wherever and whenever it suits you.

Training Voucher helps employees to get very different kinds of trainings for different needs, from basic vocational training to university studies. Is your company already using Training Vouchers?


Chairman of the Board, Adinum Inc.
Esa Schön, LL.Lic., LL.M. with court training