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Training Voucher is a new innovation for developing and maintaining your professional competence.

Thanks to Training Voucher, you can attend training of your choice when and wherever you want. You can already use employee vouchers to pay for the work lunch and free-time activities of your choice. Now Training Voucher gives you also the freedom to decide about your personal development.

Training Voucher is electronic so it’s easy to use for paying when you sign up for training online. Training Voucher is valid for 12 months after the purchase date.

You can use Training Vouchers to pay for training, courses and career-related online tests. If a training event is organized by one of our partners, you can pay for it with Training Vouchers when signing up online. If you can’t find the training organizer’s name in our list of partners, contact us.

Obligation to provide training after termination of employment

Is your employer about to terminate your employment on financial and production-related grounds? Does your company have a minimum of 30 employees? Has your employment lasted a minimum of 5 years? If the answer to the above questions is affirmative, your employer is obliged to pay for training that furthers your re-employment. This is called the obligation to provide training.

Under Finnish law, the value of the training must be equal to your monthly salary or the average monthly earnings of personnel at your place of work, whichever is higher. If your employer uses this sum to buy Training Vouchers, you have the freedom to choose the training and courses that you need. This helps you to find new employment faster.

You should mention Training Vouchers already in the cooperation negotiations.

How to encourage your employer to use Training Vouchers?

  • Training Voucher helps to save administrative costs – the employer doesn’t need to organize training or pay for individual courses
  • By using Training Vouchers, the employer enables individual development of employees
  • By using Training Vouchers, the employer motivates employees to develop and maintain their professional competence