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Training Voucher is a new innovation that helps you to motivate your employees to develop their professional competence.

Training Voucher also makes it easy for you to fulfill your obligation to provide training after termination of employment.

The employee uses Training Vouchers to pay for the training or courses of their choice, and you no longer need to organize a variety of courses. By using Training Vouchers, everybody saves time and money.

We recommend that you buy Training Vouchers worth €1,500 / employee each year.

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Motivate your employees with Training Vouchers

Your employees know best how they want to improve their competence and what kind of training benefits them most. Training Voucher gives the employees freedom and responsibility which motivates them to invest in themselves.

Thanks to Training Voucher, the employees can plan their personal development and training for their entire career on their own terms regardless of time and place.

Training Vouchers are an easy way to motivate your employees to develop their competence!

Personal development and maintaining competence also help to improve your employees’ work motivation. Training Voucher is an excellent employee benefit!

Obligation to provide training

Training Voucher also helps you to fulfill your obligation to provide training, which is set in Finnish law.

You have an obligation to provide training if you employ a minimum of 30 people and are terminating someone’s contract on financial and production-related grounds. You must provide training that furthers the re-employment of redundant employees that had worked for you at least five years.

Under Finnish law, the training must be organized within two months of the termination of employment and it must further re-employment.

The value of the training must be equal to the employee’s monthly salary or the average monthly earnings of personnel at their place of work, whichever is higher. If you use this sum to buy Training Vouchers, the employees have the freedom to choose the training and courses that they need.

With the help of Training Voucher, you can outsource fulfilling this obligation.

After buying Training Vouchers, you don’t need to worry about the matter anymore – we take care of everything for you!

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