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Become our training partner

By filling out the form, you can become our training partner or update your information. The updated information will be visible on the website within two working days.

By buying additional visibility, you are also entitled to have your company logo and an additional text field in our list of partners. You are free to use the additional text field the way you see fit, for instance by giving a more detailed description of your courses and training services. You can have additional visibility for only €100 a year (excl. VAT).

Ask us more via email at or by phone at +358 (0)40 4847 033.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Contract

1. These Terms of Contract govern the contractual relationship between Adinum Inc./Training Voucher and the Training Provider.

2. By registering to the service, the Training Provider undertakes to comply with these Terms of Contract.

3. In these Terms of Contract, Training Voucher refers to electronic means of payment that can be used to pay for vocational training, courses and other services that further re-employment prospects of employees (“Training”) when the Training is organized by Adinum Inc. and its partners.

4. In these Terms of Contract, the Customer means a business or organization that orders and pays for Training Vouchers.

5. In these Terms of Contract, the Beneficiary means a natural person (e.g. employee) who is entitled to use Training Vouchers on the basis of a contract between Adinum Inc. and the Customer.

6. Training Provider means a Training organizer who is registered to the service.

7. The Training Provider undertakes to accept Training Vouchers as a means of payment and provide the Training of Beneficiary’s choice without deviation from the usual terms.

8. The Training Provider shall tell on their website and, as appropriate, on their other marketing that they accept Training Vouchers as a means of payment.

9. After the termination of the Contract, the Training Provider shall delete the above-mentioned information from all of their marketing channels.

10. The contract on providing Training is between the Training Provider, the Customer and the Beneficiary.

11. Adinum Inc. will act as a marketing channel for Training and is responsible for transferring the payment to the training organizer.

12. The Training Provider is responsible for organizing the training and compensating possible flaws to the Customer and the Beneficiary.

13. Adinum Inc. is not liable to Training Provider for the Customer and the Beneficiary fulfilling their liabilities that arise from their contractual relationship with the Training Provider.

14. The Training Provider is liable to provide Adinum Inc. with information on signing up for a Training, person attending the Training and price of the Training immediately after the sign-up has been registered, if Training Voucher has been chosen as the means of payment.

15. After receiving information about a sign-up, Adinum Inc sends a confirmation to the Training Provider.

16. The sign-up is final only after Adinum Inc. has confirmed it.

17. The Training Provider shall notify Adinum Inc. if a sign-up is cancelled and the Training Provider receives any payment due to that cancellation.

18. Adinum Inc. pays the Training Provider a training fee or cancellation fee, less the administration and marketing fee according to the prices valid at the time, after having been notified that the Training Provider has organized training or is entitled to a cancellation fee due to a cancellation.

19. Adinum Inc. has the right to withhold payments to the Training Provider as a security for the fulfilment of the Training Provider’s contractual obligations, and to deduct any outstanding debts from the payments to the Training Provider.

20. The Training Provider has the right to buy online visibility on the Training Voucher website for one year at the time for a valid annual fee according to the price list.

21. The payment is due 14 days after the invoice date.

22. The Training Provider is responsible for entering and managing its data on the Training Voucher website and making sure that the published information does not violate any laws or third-party rights.

23. Adinum Inc. shall not be held liable for compliance with the marketing legislation and accepted practices or any direct or indirect damage to the Training Provider due to non-compliance.

24. Adinum Inc. has the right to withhold from publishing above-described information violating the law or third-party rights and to remove such information from the website.

25. Adinum Inc. also has the right to remove the Training Provider’s information if it fails to fulfill its contractual obligations.

26. Adinum Inc. has the right to change these Terms of Contract provided it communicates the changes to the Training Provider.

27. The changes will become effective on the specified date if the Training Provider does not terminate the contract within 14 days after being notified of the changes.

28. Adinum Inc. shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from service breaks or functioning of the service during maintenance, technical failures or similar circumstances.